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 Eyes of Hope - Glasses For Children

In the Barrios in and around San Jose Costa Rica there are thousands of refugee children whose famalies fled their home countries due to economic, political or even life threatening conditions.  While the Costa Rican government allows these children to attend the free public schools, many of these children do not have access to the national health system and in turn do not have access to basic eye exams and more importantly corrective eye glasses.  For some children this makes it almost impossible to take advantage of the education opportunity that they have in front of them.

In 2018, Costa Rican doctors Lucia Sibaja and Lilliana Nunez founded Ojos de Esperanza (Eyes of Hope) to provide free eye exams, prescriptions and glasses for children that could otherwise not afford them.  Through fundraisers, love pure works with U.S. schools, church groups and sports teams to raise the money needed to supply the actual glasses to these children.

Contact us today to see how you or your organization can host a fundraiser to help these children.

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