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Annual Youth Camps

The goal of the Annual Camps Program is to give children an extended period away from the dangerous environments where they live and to introduce them to alternative paths.  Built on Christian teaching and principles, activities are designed to promote values and ideas that align with a healthy and productive lifestyle.  

This is an opportunity for these youth to see that there is hope for a positive and productive life and that they are capable of making that decision and creating that path.  We also give them tools and help them to build key relationships that they can leverage when they return back to the reality of the Barrio.

January Camp is for boys and girls ages 9 - 13.  About 70 boys and 70 girls are given the opportunity to attend thanks to our donors.

The July Camp is for boys and girls ages14-18.  Up to 70 teens are given the opportunity to attend.  The selection process for attendance is highly intentional.  Priority is given to the teens living in the most difficult situations or at high risk of turning to a delinquent lifestyle.  Significant effort is taken during this week to build trust and establish an opportunity for ongoing mentor-ship.

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