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Offering an alternative path

  While there are many places in the world in need of philanthropy, love pure’s focus is the children of Alajuelita Costa Rica.


The majority of these children are Nicaraguan refugees living in extreme poverty.  As products of this environment they face daily challenges of food security, unsanitary living conditions, high drop out rates, and an ongoing lure into the criminal world surrounding them.


"We are a canton without opportunities for 1,000s of youth who neither work nor study.  We are producing delinquents.   Every form of suffering and evil is here.  The drug dealers come here to recruit kids to distribute, the car thieves recruit kids to steal, the pimps carry away our children into prostitution "

  - Mayor Victor Hugo Chavarria

lovepure is passionately committed to providing sustainable solutions that address human need issues and present alternative paths for these at-risk youth.   

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